What 2113 Looks Like

2113 Vision

After plenty of thought and meditation–here’s what our world will look like in 2113.

What 2113 Looks Like Because Of Our Contributions

  Everyone meditates on the betterment & greatness of the world for 2 hours daily (using repeated audio)
    Everyone knows Krav Maga
    Computers–AI–connect wirelessly to the nervous system–giving feelings, tastes, smells, sounds, and visions as if reality
  I see hyper-fast automated cars run purely on offerings from the sky
    Humans have the ability to power and operate (extremely) high-powered machinery just with thoughts
    People materialize and teleport convenience items–healthy b/c of “hyper-health revolution”
      What if everyone in the world demanded–and acquired/consumed–only the best nutrition possible at all times? What would happen?
      People sleep with “hydrators” which are sleep-hydration machines (wirelessly transmits water and nutrition to body during sleep)
      Everyone is skinny & healthy & muscular (in their own fashion) and flexible (in their own way)
        ZERO ppl are in poverty
          Poverish nations are the most literate in the world
          Everyone travels regularly throughout space
          Antigravity exists
  Every person best lives fulfilled throughout their entire lives as they best succeed in the best (& “better than best”) of ways
    Each person speaks, reads, writes, delivers value through 3 languages minimum
      Especially with coding
      *Also codes brilliantly–masterfully?
  Gravity has been refuted
    Transportation (real)
    Warp (real)
    Walk through walls
    Every person has the perfect sex life
    People always measure & have learning progress
    Everyone looks hyper beautiful w/ “temp uglies” for reference (uglies = only for 30 days a time, ish–as a ritual?)
    People always measure and have learning projects and progress
  People automatically have access to a virtual reality
    Perfect AI rep of “the Greats”
    Mind-Body leveraged with audio “capsules”– consume and an audio plays for the brain–instead of transmitting a drug (Fav)
    People believe
        Over poverty-based thoughts always
    People grow up with only the greats in mind (vs. negative influences)
      philosophy of hyper-ecological kenzai
      Every person knows–deeply–patterns of personality
    People grow up “at essence” (c: Patterns of Personality)

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