I decide now and forevermore to do one thing that scares me. Here’s what I mean:

  • I create emotions off minor anxiety or discomfort within myself both today and every day from now (5/19/13) to 5/29/13). The way to measure this is that if I can’t get at least three other people to easily do it for $5 for themselves to do it.
  • I must blog about what I do every day–and ask  at least one other person to link to it a day
  • $40 for every day that I don’t do it–IMMEDIATELY mailed out. If I miss two days in a row, I must mail the laptop I’m using now to type it (my Toshiba with a Pentium processor) to Brendan Frew or drop it off at a homeless shelter.

Here are some things that I will get as a result of doing this:

  • Experience more powerful levels of love (because I’ll actually interact with powerful, meaningful people–who I may or may not have sex with.
  • I’ll give me permission to immediately see lays go up–Secks is amazing.
  • Sex and approval from the sexiest women ever.

THIS IS AWESOME! I’m so happy that i’m doing this! By the way, I must actually post what I’m going to do before I do it every day, and then post a result. The blog will be called–OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS THE MOST READYING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

I look forward to doing this experience with you, and we’ll have a lot of fun doing this :].

Your Bro,



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