How To Actually Meditate: Make An Hour Of Meditation Fun IMMEDIATELY–Guaranteed

This post may just save your meditative life. It may save your meditative life because it uses the tools that you’ve been using your entire life to create a more balanced, centered you.

Here’s how to make an hour of meditation fun immediately–guaranteed:

  1. Pull out a pen with a piece of paper or, preferably, your journal–title it “Centering” with the date
  2. Download Audacity if you haven’t–install it
  3. Open Audacity and click the red circle (record) and ask yourself–in an upward tonality–“How best to center my whole mind-body and best enjoy the process?” and then press the circle again
  4. Make sure you have a comfortable seat near by (consider placing a memory foam pillow on your seat as I do for comfort)
  5. Select the part with your recorded question, press “Shift + Space” (or just press shift and click on the “Loop” icon where the “Play” button used to be)–this will repeat the question on loop (your Unconscious Mind-Body HAS to take in these suggestions to process them–which makes it super easy for you to meditate)
  6. Open up your favorite Chrome browser and type in… but press TAB, not enter–type in “10min”
  7. (Press Ctrl + T for each one of these) Repeat Step 6 for “20min,” “30min,” “50min,” and “60min”
  8. Now, sit down comfortably as you turn off the screen and breathe deeply and evenly (here’s where the notebook comes in) and make a tally mark for every deep, even breath you complete
  9. Keep going and notice how you’re more centered and “balanced” than you ever were with your other form of meditation.

I’ve been doing meditation for many months now, and this process has by far benefited me more than anything else I’ve done mentally or spiritually, so I feel excited for the time when you gain the benefit that this has given me. This has both made meditation more fun AND more useful (in that I actually meditate and feel that “present state” for at least 60-75% of the time–versus the 25% that I used to feel).

If you’ll use this now, you’ll experience your whole quality of life deepen and your sense of “fullness” or fulfillment deepen–which is a very good feeling to experience.

Let me know if this helps!

Your Homie,



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