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The Easiest Way To Match & Mirror Someone–Guaranteed (NLP)

I’m going to build this post up soon (frankly, my attention has been at O* M* F***ing G**), but if you want to automatically mirror someone in ALL forms (recommended only for SOME of the time), then try this; ask:

“How (best) to [person’s name]?”

For example, suppose your name is Stevo and I want to model the fact that you relax your facial expression as you hold your hand up while breathing in a low and slow fashion. The first approach that an NLP-er or sales professional might take to connect with you is to consciously relax his facial expression while holding his hand up at times as he breathes in a low and slow fashion (typically doing each of these one at a time). OR, instead of modeling you consciously, he can choose the route that I accidentally discovered with my ex-friend Paul Rothchild: Make the person in to a process & convert it into a question, evaluation, mind-probe, whatever you want to call it… because your Unconscious Mind-Body does all the work for you.

Do determine the strength of this argument, I’ve done this a dozen times at least before I came to the conclusion that this was gold. Though it’s not always recommended, I simply recommend it if you need some starter wheels to really “rocket boost” your rapport skills.

Let me know if this helps! This was one of the best lessons that I’ve ever learned ūüôā

Your Friend,



Have you ever done the “Pimsleur Approach”?

Are you familiar with the Pimsleur approach to language learning? This dude at 73 years of age found the ideal way to memorize a language, and it has since allowed me to speak fluent Chinese and Spanish.

Perhaps you can create a program for Pickup Artists to help them learn the routines and gambits (I identify as a “Pickup Artist,” fyi). Or perhaps you can help people memorize standard magic tricks through the Pimsleur approach.

Whatever you do, it’d be excellent.

“What Really Makes People Do What They Do?” All My Unedited Notes

The First Page of “People”:

What best really makes people do what they do?
Pain & Pleasure
  • Specific states
  • Neurological connections between cells (neurons) in the body)
  • Stimuli in the environment
  • An invisible energy carries thought
  • If something aligns with them, then they accept it
  • Ivan
    • Anchoring
    • Compelling stories
    • Distractions
  • “Don’t let them manage levels of influence”‘
  • (Haha! Middle finger)
    • ¬†
Apply as many of these ideas
Go maxing out
Use Hooters money to build $$
Naturally img my coworker
What story do I have that inspires endearment
People do something if they see the picture as being less submodalically painful or more submodalically pleasurable than any other image they may have in mind if any
  • What, how are those other images that I need to consider?
  • Serious visions create max Unconscious desire to realize that desire any way possible
  • Neurological habits
  • Way of communicating with the world
People do what they do because it’s the easiest, most convenient option, in their mind, to get what they want
  • there
  • cool
  • convenient
  • Cialdini
    • Reciprocation
    • Lowball
    • Commitment and Consistency
    • Scarcity
    • Authority
    • Good deal
    • Contrast
    • Reasons
    • Social Proof
    • Liking
    • Uncertainty (DETACH FROM SURPRISE–Uncertainty is the most influencable state… I.e. that’s why most men will pay me money for teaching them how to date)
  • McClelland/Pagan
    • Power
    • Affiliation
    • Achievement
    • “Why these and not else?”
  • People
  • Objects
  • Beliefs
6 Human Needs
  • Is a good idea to consider when causing other people to do something I want them to do
    • Compare it to current focus/activity/situation and figure out how to make it obviously better
    • Does it increase or decrease these?
    • What is the current level of fulfillment for the action I expect him/her to do? Make it better through a metaphor or something (Prep a metaphor for Jake and Thomas)
Second Page of “People”:
Do people avoid doing things because of genetic factors?
How much does DNA affect our lives?
What level of nurture impacts our lives?
Do people really understand Q’s?
  • RAS
    • Whatever they’re searching for they get!
      • “Ways to act that will achieve my goal”
  • Influence
Third Page of “People”:
Commitment and Consistency
  • If you’re a Hooters girl, you’ll likely keep that image for a very long time
  • If you’re a hard worker, then…
  • Make it hurt each of your six human needs if you do [leave]
Hyper certainty in the pleasure & gain pain avoiding in my decision = awesome
  • Needs to fulfill each
    • Do the parts of ¬†Rules of the Game
  • Needs to fulfill each of 6 Human Needs
  • boredom
  • rape
  • antislut
Get a VA!!!
Pay PUA group for
For the 1st person to complete this, I will get Samantha to write you a poem
What best are the Q’s to ask in the context of human behavior?
Stories?–clear visions–w ith the girl leaving the group with me to have sex in my car [or home]
Why do members of the group [not really game]?
What makes people really cut their habits? — serious, dramatic change
Do HoP! Do HoP! Do HoP!
As soon as I get back do HoP! -> also – post listing on Craigslist + eLance (whiteboard… awesome running shoes)
Fourth Page of People: (Note: Make my bestseller have numbers written out–at least through “One Hundred” for the page numbers)
Why Would Google Do (That)? For each of the things that Google does–ask “Why.”
Why do people check FB sooo often? Why does SK post spam on my group? Why do people interact with each other?
Need to recreate = HUGE
Talk to Rico ASAP about Hooters!
Why does Richard Branson associate, help, and talk to the people that they do? What really pushes Joe Polish’s blog?
How can I best apply what Joe Polish suggest that I do?
What key factor alone will inspire me to more greatness than ever before? (Purpose + Delegation)
How best do I get people to visualize the images necessary for them to do what they need to?
What best causes people to successfully elicit their strategies for me?
What makes women put inside their daily habits: sucking me off & humping me & telling all her friends about me?
Fifth Page of “People”:
What really inspires women to have 3-somes?
What inspires great posture/great handwriting/outstanding stories? What really goes on in people’s head s when crafting beautiful stories? What really motivates people to watch Psy multiple billions of times?
What draws people into PewDiePie so much?
What really helps people to stop smoking for forever? What makes people change to the outcome I desire while preserving my current position or elevating myself most powerfully and enjoyably? 
What inspires people to change for TR so much while essentially loving him in the process? What makes Warren Buffett read so much, invest so well? What makes Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Eben Pagan agree to an interview or become a close, intimate friend? ¬†(Need rapport on “references” as well as else)
Memorize BB & Spanish
How best do I pump 10 x the value of max value to this environment?
(Sometimes Spellchecker doesn’t understand me ;.;)
Sixth Page of “People”:
Cheat sheet!
The way ¬†people label or describe things hugely affects the way a person handles it–sexiest sex objects means for serisian me & my every desire)
Congruency = HUGE
Outstanding, certain, reliable leader who comes out of the blue to change things up will always influence others. What influences these girls to max out these customers’ lives–
  • Need the right vision(s)–hyper submodalize
  • Need to pull in ideas and help people own
  • Catch people doing something right
  • They’re just human–fears, scared, shit, pull in, hatred, envy, desires, etc.
  • They have natural nurturing instinct
  • What makes women hooked on me?
  • If people take ownership of an idea–they’ll defend wholeheartedly the veracity of it!
  • Get girls following the visions of what I desire for them to do with the power of stories & embedded commands
Complete this & 80/20 + Parkinsons
Record 10 mins of Q’s & rapid read as I’m asked (doesn’t work [:9)
Seventh Page of “People”:
People to visibly see growth with doing whatever I desire
Don’t let the conscious mind get in the way of my unconscious direction! (Find something for their conscious mind to greedily latch onto as I influence them) Find a way to create max power within these girls ASAP (Practice what I’ve learned here immediately… have a good conscious treat for the conscious mind to latch onto as I use the tools I have to make a difference–like for losing weight or eating healthier, finding love, wanting to fuck me, feeling secure with me, etc., etc.)
  • 80/20 the actions in this Hooters world
  • Determine my outcome
(What are the most common needs that people need help with? How best do I use what I’ve learned here to help Thomas and Jake for example?) (Add videos to PDF’s?–MagCasts allow it)
What makes people like or comment on a status/blog post/etc.?
  • Think it makes them look cooler
  • Certain that their profile won’t get hurt
  • (Think that it’ll make the other person like them)
  • Provok powerful ppl — Generate
  • What makes people really apply something that I suggest?
  • What makees me care less about people’s judgement of their influence on them? (Smaller)
  • What makes people deliver amazing stories–persuasions–presentation
  • What best role can I share?
What best makes people laugh extremely well?
  • Poking @ their insecurities in a way that they’ve been trying to hide ūüôā
  • Anytime there’s tension… act on it! Point it out
What makes these managers continue to hire me?
What makes me like journals?
Handle metrics after tonight? When (Get photos–)
SHakespeare– Louies — Beer Exchange (Thank Jim) [Was wondering where to go for talking with groups of people with other guys in it]
Contact Any Celb! Awesome computer!!
Training eLance Pro Cam!
Create a high cost analysis for not doing today’s challenge (learn to text and then teach people how to text
(Need to master the Hooters kitchen to the point where I can Unconsciously run the kitchen myself)
(Create a blog with only hyper-submodalized writing)
What makes people most entertained?
  • Drama
  • Surprise
  • Suspesne
  • Incomplete
  • Mystery
  • Clues
  • Scarcity (!)
  • Like
  • Growing (!)
  • Flirt
  • Stories
  • Etc.
  • Understand them(!)
What really makes people pull out their card & click “send” from muli-zero numbers?
(Give people the choice to pay $99.99 or $29.99 for the exact same e-book… Give them the absolute best advice from the book first as well as related ideas)
Eighth Page of “People”:
Anytime that people see visible progress, that’s when people really generate the max value–
Anchor max power & love with Hooters objects! (Including anger)
After 1st prep–do intense viz & then stay present & in the moment (same thing lol)
Make it more comfy to do the character-growing exercise than it is to NOT do it.
What makes search engines/websites/apps work so effectively/ineffectively?
What really drives success to a particular focus?
What best makes people click on a link?
  • easy pain removal certainly
  • hyper-pleasure add
What best creates surpise–take common logic & “opposite it!”
What best makes people so able to find actionable ideas so easily?
Free Page 1:
What best really makes people pay me money?
  • What best really makes people generate powerful feelings through images?
  • What best really makes people committed to having me on payroll?
  • Creating value to the point where someone says, “Alright” [to whatever pay I ask]
  • Images of terrible things that’ll happen if don’t [pay me]
What best really makes people kiss passionately?
Shelby (many convincers)
What best really makes people make love/fuck?
  • See herself making out with you
  • Feel as if she’s really loved & familiar with you
  • Needs to experience sensations “down there” to really feel like doing it
    • figure out xp of others
    • What best really makes people [suck dick, love models]?
What best really makes people passionate?
What best really makes people work long ass hours and love it (/hate it)?
What best really makes people attractive?
What best really makes people watch PewDiePie/Tobuscus/Smosh/Cry/TheFineBros/EpicMealTime/Shane Dawsons/etc’s channels’?
What best really makes people drink coffee?
What best really makes people quit drinking coffee?
What best really makes people smoke?
What best really makes people quit smoking?
What best really makes women come to my place?
  • excuses
  • turn her on
  • secure
  • trust
  • etc.
What best really makes people addicted? break addictions?
  • neurological strands strengthened
  • (flowchart of reroute from the healthier option to desired feelings)
What best really makes people delegate?
  • When they find that people, once found, will create the world for me
    • Make the world a happier place
    • Focus entirely on the best of things [i.e. what you’re the best at]
    • Create powerful levels of love & excitement
What best really makes people happy?
(Delegating makes you a better person. It makes you a better person because it allows you to grow with the way you maximize the other person’s potential to create the maximum value of the world. It makes you a better person because you get to maximize the other person’s significance for doing the outstanding job that he/she’s capable of doing. And above all else, above what’s already been mentioned here, it makes you a better person because you are now freed to do what you do best. Which is the best thing you can ever possibly do. I NEED TO DELEGATE!)
Think in terms of the other person’s
  • interests
  • desires
  • fears
  • frustrations
  • aspirations
  • specific things
(I was thinking about: Getting paid more, getting the Skylight card handled, etc.–and then I realized that this needs to happen for that best to happen. Same with training, eBay, Google listings, etc.)
Free Page 2:
What best really makes lots of [outstandingly attractive] women have sex with me? (Emotional Needs)
What best really creates an outstanding blog or website or company?
What best really creates the maximum profit for a business?
What best really makes a sale work today?
What best really makes a person “sold” in a way that he/she best enjoys?
What best really makes people meditate and focus on breath for 16 hours straight? (neurological development–milenation?)
What best really makes people stand solid in the face of intense drama?
What best really makes people prepare outstandingly and deliver outstandingly?
What best really makes people get better at what they do every single day?
What best really makes people prioritize and “Parkinson”?
What best really makes people become successful?
What best really makes people focus on the long-term with every action they do?
What best really makes people absolutely dedicate their life to a single purpose for their entire lives?
What best really makes people create lasting permanent. effective change efficiently on a global or universal scale?
What best really makes people watch PewDiePie’s videos?
What best really makes people stressed? grow? age? feel fulfilled? generate outstanding websites or art?
What best really makes people perfect a martial art?
What best really makes people throw a perfect dart game?
What best really makes people buy Tim Ferriss’s books?
What best really makes people read Neil Strauss’s books?
What best really makes people complete a 30-Day challenge?
What best really makes people change a habit for good [while best keeping all outstanding or good behavior from before the habit change]?
What best really makes people change another person’s habits¬†¬†[while best keeping all outstanding or good behavior from before the habit change]? (Get them to future pace the times when they don’t want to do something and then anchor power to that feeling so that they do what they need to do)
What best really makes people create outstanding videos? (Outstanding raw material with outstanding understanding of the tools they use!)
What best really makes people establish an outstanding meeting?
(how does fantastic sex appeal to the long-term? What about player sex/)
Submit a video from Hooters for Positron
  • Solid eye contact
  • Powerful love
  • Know benefit/outcome/why
Free Page 3:
[Develop a system for maximizing each emotional need for women at Hooters]
What best really makes people pay $200/mo for a phone subscription?
What best really makes people buy things through affiliates on Clickbank?
What best really makes people make blogs for “Project AWOL?”
What best really makes people develop systems for success & follow through with it?
What best really makes people follow the 4HB  workout & nutrition plan?
What best really makes people become a general (military)?
What best really makes people learn best?
What best really makes people successfully Photoread?
What best really makes people read word-by-word versus visually?
What best really makes people deep?
What best really makes people grow?
What best really makes chemicals work the way they do?
Hormones + Physics
What best really makes people drive 20% further than originally intended?
¬† ¬† ¬†Human beings are primarily Unconscious creatures who use an extensive network of bone, muscle, smooth, faliculal, blood, white, and nervouse cell network controlled by the nervous system, therefore, we need to guide all out attempts at influencing a person to do actions taht support our outcome with the instincts, habits, natural thought impulses, beliefs, blockages, and the whole schemozzle of the nervous system in order to get people to do anything (attract, buy, etc.–business depends on this… really know/forever the customer/forever and win)
Nervous System “Software”: (does the quote go before or after the colon?)
  • Status
    • Conspicuous
      • Consumption
      • Charity/Altruism/Kindness
      • Precision
  • Avoid Pain + To Pleasure
  • Social Proof
    • Mirror neurons
    • Images in the mind–which activate mirror neurons[?]
  • Commit & Consistency
    • Mirror neurons [with self-image kept consistent with]]]
    • Images
    • Avoid rejection
    • Tribe
  • Scarce
  • Authority
    • Status results from tribe[?]
  • Liking
    • Symmetry
    • Smile
    • Rapport
  • Reciprocation
  • Contrast
  • Reasons
  • Outstanding deal
(Tony Robbins’s Business Mastery Training)
(What best really makes people code like a demon?)
Free page 4
What best really makes people write/read/buy bestsellers?
What best really makes people create outstanding content?
What best really makes people learn?
What best really makes people enjoy buying from Hooters?
What best really makes people llove coming to Hooters?
What best really makes people enjoy sexy women?
What best really makes people dance outstandingly?
What best really makes people best succeed? best fail?
What best really makes people far (lol)?
Interact with a woman over 30 days to see how she really behaves (i.e. during ovulations AND during her period)
How best to use textbooks to create the max value for other people?
What best really makes people use science best?
What best really makes people stick to data? [instead of emotions?]
What best really makes people do things even when they don’t want to do it?
What best really makes people feel powerful?
What best really makes people visualize successful?
(Print out that part of Models for Jake/Thomas)
Page X3–
What best really makes people perceive time in motion?
What best really makes people do drugs?
What best really makes people torrent vs. buy?
What best really makes people value something?
What best really makes people best wing (PUA)?
What best really makes people best create value?
What best really makes people focus almost only on creating the maximum value?
What best really makes people do the Hour of Power and best enjoy the process?
What best really makes people master technicalities?
What best really makes Frank Bettger with sales?
What best really makes Dale Carnegie so successful?
Stories about people best influencing people
Just make a book telling stories of other people
Contact people for the best
Track all sales
Plan all sales
Same w/ PUA
What best really makes Arnold Schwarzenegger pump it at the gym
What best really makes people follow Ed Dale?
What best really makes people use Ed Dale’s work?
Page X4–
What best really makes an investment worthwhile?
How best do I create a video that best outmatches Psy’s? (How best to better Psy’s video?)
How best does the Internet REALLY work?
How best do people evolve each other through the Internet?
What best really makes people dance really, really well?
(Iron all clothes)
Life Truth: Prioritize as quickly as possible and begin immediately to work on that top thing
What best really makes people laugh best?
What best really makes people flow so much money through Google?
What best really makes people keep coming back over & over to specific blogs and best enjoy the process?
What best really makes people drink coffee?
(Morning coffee–TJ Therien)
(If I had to focus on one thing upon all from this, what best do I choose?)
(What best can help me create the maximum value for the maximum people?)
(How best to prioritize these items in order in the context of creating the maximum [process of valuing]  for the maximum people?
(Write it out for 50 minutes, incant the process with specific times–from wake to bedtime–accelerated learning)
(Relisten and use Unleash the Power Within)
(Spread out my blog posts as much as possible throughout the web… find what sticks and nail the best source of traffic)
(Get Jake and Thomas over for a while)

“Love the NLP stuff”

Loving the NLP stuff is just about the single most important step you can take when first starting a journey on personal development. But loving NLP stuff comes best when a routine is–advertently or inadvertently–done on you in a seminal, flavorful manner that you enjoy. When you get some dramatic change in your life via a fun process such as a parts integration, you’ll become almost addicted to NLP (if only for a short time, anyway). ¬†And if you’ll get that short burst of addiction from loving NLP, even for a short period of time, your life will transform just enough for you to evolve to the next level.

Just know that when you get to the next level, you’ll need to add in (applied) knowledge from more than just NLP (i.e. the rest of psychology and neurology).

Your Friend,


2 Revolutionary Ways To Kickstart Your Emotional Life

These are two ways to kick-start your emotional life like a sustainable nuclear explosion of awesomeness. The two ways to start your nuclear explosion are:

  1. If you have wet clothes in the washer, and you need warm, dry clothes FAST: Microwave them. Now, while there may be some fabrics that may melt or some shit if microwaved, I’ve had much success with microwaving freshly washed, cotton socks just before work (“THE MORE YOU KNOW :D”)
  2. If you’re feeling perpetually drowsy, then do as Tony Robbins says, and “Set a new standard!” With setting a new standard (especially with vitality/drowsiness-relife) comes the name Tony Robbins (always!), so if you haven’t visited an Unleash the Power Within seminar nor purchased his CD’s, then I highly recommend that you do, because he literally helps you condition yourself to be outstanding. If you listen to Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within seminar, you’ll be able to apply this suggestion IMMEDIATELY when I say, ¬†” make breathing deeply and evenly during 95% of waking moments” an absolute MUST.” If you don’t have Tony Robbins as a reference (specifically his¬†Unleash the Power Within seminar), then you won’t have nearly the capability to apply this suggestion as you otherwise would, if you were to listen to his seminar.

If you’ll apply these two suggestions immediately to your everyday waking life (and your dreams?), you’ll experience a level of vitality and happiness like never before. If you apply these two suggestions and gain the vitality and happiness, then perhaps you’ll lose that 30 pounds of weight (or gain it if your looking to gain muscle). If you get the vitality, happiness, weight loss/gain, then perhaps you’ll treat your family, friends, or otherwise close reference group with more love, courage, and leadership… which COULD possibly maybe perhaps get you laid an approximate 300.435% more than you were originally… but I can’t be sure, lol ūüôā

Let me know if this helps!


Warning: 27-Ish Ways To Unfuck Your Life

It’s only natural to create the highest value for a person… if you’re a god. So, why not become godlike and do exactly the opposite of what you want to do: Give away your highest value secrets?

  1. Use upward tonality ANYTIME you ask yourself a question–your mind registers over six times as much information (38% vs. 7%) comes from vocal qualities (i.e. pitch) than from literal words, and part of asking yourself a question comes from that rise in intonation. If you’ll ask yourself questions ONLY in upward-ending pitches, your Unconscious Mind-Body will thank you for it
  2. Check out these 5 Awesome Kitchen Cheats That Will Make Your Life Easier that will make your life easier
  3. Write down everything that captivates you from popular newspaper headlines… model them when writing your own blog headlines
  4. Do Ho’oponopono daily–you won’t believe the amount of emotional drain that’s going on between you and others… until you actually do this.
  5. Seriously, do the Ho’oponopono (i.e. “The Forgiveness Process” per NLP), and feel yourself freed from the tyranny of sickening relationships
  6. Do the Ho’oponopono, lol
  7. Relax your facial muscles 80% of the time in public–I’m a very expressive and smiley person, but if you ration out ¬†your approval (i.e. through your expressions and body gestures), people will respect you and your praise infinitely more (note: the law of scarcity)
  8. Read great literature daily
  9. Study Photoreading, believe that you can do it, and then study Qi-gong and hypnotherapy to further enhance your studies (if you can put yourself in a trance–or much less¬†believe¬†for yourself that you can be tranced, your odds of successfully absorbing the material)
  10. Set the definition for success with everything you do, and then be flexible in all that you do
  11. Diversify your portfolio for self-esteem¬†(“I really, really dislike failure” Tim Ferriss)–i.e. whenever you go out, don’t just go out to get laid make out with a girl, etc.–go out to experience a particular type of drink, to ride the bull, to take three funny pictures, to explore a part of town that you’ve never seen before–your self-worth will love you for it.
  12. Read/listen to/watch all things Timothy Ferriss, and read/listen to/watch anything referred to by Timothy Ferriss
  13. Challenge yourself to challenging material
  14. “Do one ¬†thing a day that scares you” Eleanor Roosevelt (I got this quote from Timothy Ferriss)
  15. Look at the ratio
  16. Consider logistics in what you do
  17. Obey The 48 Laws of Power in addition to the laws of What Would Google Do?
  18. Do a Venn Diagram each day
  19. 80/20 every. single. part of your game (with sex, dating, business, career, organization, etc, what you 80/20)
  20. Learn to dance
  21. Know a martial art–you’ll gain massive confidence from knowing you’re prepared
  22. Even if you’re a positive person, look at as many things that could go wrong… never get taken by surprise (if possible)
  23. Poop more often–clear your colon (my friend, not me, does this and has lots to say. TMI alert: I’ll be getting an enema here soon)
  24. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Even if you’re “an employee” (Do this for business, personal work, dating, lol)
  25. DO THE HOUR OF POWER by Tony Robbins.
  26. DO THE HOUR OF POWER by Tony Robbins.
  27. DO THE HOUR OF POWER by Tony Robbins.

These are some of the most kick-ass ideas that I have. These ideas were generated by asking “What best are my greatest ideas” and then putting them up for here. If you enjoy the ideas generated here, let me know!

Ciao For Now,


Your Earballs Will Pop! Meta-Habit Fuckin’ Dos

Which sounds like a better method of breaking open the lock to a treasure chest (assuming you have a crowbar):

Scenario 1: Use the crowbar for 30 seconds–and then continue to pull the lock off by hand for the rest of time, OR…

Scenario 2: With the crowbar firmly in the open space and against the lock, with the treasure chest as the fulcrum, you continually press through on the crowbar until that lock fucking snaps.

That’s right, you’ll want to press on that crowbar for sure. Find out what you can use yon yourself for leverage to break the lock. The treasure of your greatness lies within.