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Befriending Sir Richard Branson Now — Day 1

Here’s the question that’plays on repeat via Audacity as I write this: “How best to make a deep-rooted, highest-valued friendship with Sir Richard Branson now?” This question has been answered (so far) as follows:

  • Develop friendships with those close to him (i.e. Joe Polish, Marie, Tony Robbins, etc.)
  • 80/20 my entire life, including
    • Habits
    • Love
    • Time
    • Sex
  • Make it more painful for him NOT to be my super friend
  • Become worth more than him
  • Work my ass off on (only) the highest priority work
  • Delegate the shit out of as much as I possibly can
  • Become extremely social-proofed with beautiful women (it works)
  • Do NOT suck up to him
  • Study him & find his flaws, fantasies, and weakness (as well as his strengths, hopes, aspirations–i.e. space)
  • Self-Made WEALTH up the ass (by Eben Pagan)
  • Highest Health NOW
    • Nutrition (Almost)
    • Work out (Got this)
    • Sleep/Rest/Meditate (Yes except for sleep)
    • Impressions (50% power on this one… have some negative influences still)
  • Deliver in-field proof of results with ANYTHING he or his associates teach
  • Again, become more valuable than him 🙂

This is exactly what’s in my notebook so far–let me know if you have any suggestions OR if you have any applications of this material.

Converse in three days (or less)?

Your Homie 🙂




An old neighbor friend of mine played Word With Friends with me yesterday. Though I kicked his 9th grade ass (I happen to write and define new words a lot), we had an interesting conversation involving: school, psychology, hypnotherapy, intense trash talk (which surprised me because this little human only graduated into the ninth grade), suicide, deception, and homosexuality.

As it turns out, this old neighbor friend of mine revealed to me some pretty intense information about how the people who used to live at my old house found some journals that I couldn’t find before we left. And, in the end, these journals revealed some pretty graphic and intense secrets about a homosexual experience that I had had as a child–which obviously wasn’t intended.

Now, obviously I write this for you because it might as well be leaked by me that some of this shit DID happen–and I accept it. And as I accept it, I still can appreciate that just a little organization and stability (I left my parents’ house many times over the years while I was still in school–living with friends as well as in my car) would have changed all this in a heartbeat–like when I wrote it in a book or something.

Now, if you even think of me as “a homosexual,” I will heat up a red hot poker and shove it in your asshole IMMEDIATELY, like in the way that happened with American Horror Story, because I am more than just a single experience. Pride drips into my veins as if by an IV bag by even accepting this about myself, but what’s absolutely essential is that I keep an “Unlimited ID,” for example, I fucking love women.

Let’s just leave it at that.

Remember the hot ass poker, friend, because we are both infinite in every way imaginable–and labels only limit that.

Your Friend,


The Easiest Way To Match & Mirror Someone–Guaranteed (NLP)

I’m going to build this post up soon (frankly, my attention has been at O* M* F***ing G**), but if you want to automatically mirror someone in ALL forms (recommended only for SOME of the time), then try this; ask:

“How (best) to [person’s name]?”

For example, suppose your name is Stevo and I want to model the fact that you relax your facial expression as you hold your hand up while breathing in a low and slow fashion. The first approach that an NLP-er or sales professional might take to connect with you is to consciously relax his facial expression while holding his hand up at times as he breathes in a low and slow fashion (typically doing each of these one at a time). OR, instead of modeling you consciously, he can choose the route that I accidentally discovered with my ex-friend Paul Rothchild: Make the person in to a process & convert it into a question, evaluation, mind-probe, whatever you want to call it… because your Unconscious Mind-Body does all the work for you.

Do determine the strength of this argument, I’ve done this a dozen times at least before I came to the conclusion that this was gold. Though it’s not always recommended, I simply recommend it if you need some starter wheels to really “rocket boost” your rapport skills.

Let me know if this helps! This was one of the best lessons that I’ve ever learned 🙂

Your Friend,


2 Revolutionary Ways To Kickstart Your Emotional Life

These are two ways to kick-start your emotional life like a sustainable nuclear explosion of awesomeness. The two ways to start your nuclear explosion are:

  1. If you have wet clothes in the washer, and you need warm, dry clothes FAST: Microwave them. Now, while there may be some fabrics that may melt or some shit if microwaved, I’ve had much success with microwaving freshly washed, cotton socks just before work (“THE MORE YOU KNOW :D”)
  2. If you’re feeling perpetually drowsy, then do as Tony Robbins says, and “Set a new standard!” With setting a new standard (especially with vitality/drowsiness-relife) comes the name Tony Robbins (always!), so if you haven’t visited an Unleash the Power Within seminar nor purchased his CD’s, then I highly recommend that you do, because he literally helps you condition yourself to be outstanding. If you listen to Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within seminar, you’ll be able to apply this suggestion IMMEDIATELY when I say,  ” make breathing deeply and evenly during 95% of waking moments” an absolute MUST.” If you don’t have Tony Robbins as a reference (specifically his Unleash the Power Within seminar), then you won’t have nearly the capability to apply this suggestion as you otherwise would, if you were to listen to his seminar.

If you’ll apply these two suggestions immediately to your everyday waking life (and your dreams?), you’ll experience a level of vitality and happiness like never before. If you apply these two suggestions and gain the vitality and happiness, then perhaps you’ll lose that 30 pounds of weight (or gain it if your looking to gain muscle). If you get the vitality, happiness, weight loss/gain, then perhaps you’ll treat your family, friends, or otherwise close reference group with more love, courage, and leadership… which COULD possibly maybe perhaps get you laid an approximate 300.435% more than you were originally… but I can’t be sure, lol 🙂

Let me know if this helps!


3-ish Awesome Metrics That Will Kick Your Ass For You


As promised, I will now share with you two metrics that will kick your ass for you–and these are now WELL-applied in my life. The reason why I promise you metrics is because when you consistently measure something, you have three forces working for you (kicking your ass, so to speak): You have the force of contrast (i.e. you can see the trend… you can see what a good day is or isn’t… you can see if what you’re doing is right–which is a tough but necessary pill to swallow); You have the force of quantum mechanics (“The mere act of observing changes the observed”); and You just plain get more of what you focus on (source: MIT). Now, with all these forces well-applied to my own life, and with all these forces applying to anyone who measures their metrics, it’s really necessary to take a creative look at things when it comes to what we measure.

(EDIT: Whenever you measure change, define your reference point. For reference point ideas, make sure that you have one in relation to the very start of your data (the very first point) and then make a table (with charts!) with change in relation to the immediately previous day, week, month, or year

DOUBLE EDIT: I’ve actually found that measuring changes in relation to the maximum that the base-metric has ever achieved is the most useful)

  1. For example, don’t (just) measure costs… measure “cost-REDUCTION.”
  2. For example, don’t just measure energy, measure “energy-INCREASE.”
  3. For example, don’t just measure results (i.e. through actual results or time spent), measure “results-INCREASE” (or decrease or results-increase or whatever)
  4. For example, don’t just measure your lays, measure your “lay-INCREASE” or “makeout-INCREASE”
  5. For example, don’t just measure your sleep, measure your “sleep-DECREASE” (in the case of people wanting to go polyphasic)
  6. For example, don’t just measure your speed, measure your “speed-INCREASE”

Each of these three factors are, of course, the metrics that were promised. And what’s interesting about these metrics–as I’m sure that you can feel–is that each of these has an energy contained within each of these metrics.  Because as soon as you use these promised metrics and actually focus on and sense the energy of these metrics as is applied to your life or business or “game”/love-life or physical health or physical fitness (note: there’s a difference, according to Tony Robbins and his many Ph.D-holding sources in Awaken the Giant Within), you’ll automatically create more and more and more change per your life, because we get what we focus on!

So, yeah, looking back on this about metrics and about the forces behind metrics, don’t just go for the obvious “matter” or “stuff” metric–go for the “Qi” or “Chi” metric… the metric that focuses on energy or change. If you regularly meditate or do Qi Gong or study/practice Buddhism, then you’ll recognize the power of applying these Qi-metrics over the Stuff-metrics. And by using your natural habits of meditation, Qi Gong, etc. to improve your business as you focus on these metrics, you’ll only make the world a better place (because so many people are focused on “stuff” when it’s the energy inside the stuff that they want).

Let me know if this makes sense, because this has made quantum shift (literally) when it comes to my business. And the reason the quantum shift is literal, is because “observing changes the observed.”

PAUL! This Is For You.

Paul Coloia:

Bro- where’s haha, I’m going to call you -I want to say again how you’ve inspired me in so many ways. One of them is getting Telepathic Pickup off the ground. I realize i need to work on my game a lot more in the real world -suburbia or not! hahah! more fun than ever. I can do a whole chapter on suburban game

How did you get your website going or what is some useful advice from what you’ve learned about starting a website for virtually free that can be used for business?

I want to be a reminder of progress for you -something I feel you’ve done for me; I get a huge creative burst every time I think about it!

Also, do you have many people around you or few who aspire for total success in life? You’re the only one I know so far; I can imagine the day when most of my friends have this mentality. I seek to seek new empowering people!

And that reminds me, how did you end up getting in touch with people from Australia and everywhere else for PUA it’s official? It’s frickin awesome. That alone gets me pumped. seeing pics of Ерик looking so alpha HahAhah this inspires me.

I wish you super positive feelings that uplift every part of your being!

Aaron Bell:

Bro- where’s haha, I’m going to pick up your call. It’s about time that we started talking about your chapters on Telepathic Pickup!  as well as what’s been going on with my Bro and pickup! (As for the rest of this message, I actively write ALL the time, so you can expect a lot of value from me anytime you ask me a questions as enthusiastically as you did. You won’t get a short value add from me, lol.)

Paul, your words are extremely appreciated–especially when I think your eccentric personality (lol, it’s awesome! Weirdness is a must these days). I’ve gotta say, Bro, that you’ve literally been a huge source of inspiration for me. For whatever reason, you are like a battery, a channel of infinite energy, power, and wisdom, that just charges me, inspires me to do better, anytime I’m around you. And because of that energy, I can simply say that I really appreciated the “productivity boost” that you’ve given me (I can feel the positive effects of your intentions). Something else to appreciate (I mean, I REALLY appreciate this), too, is that you have such a “giving, contributing mentality!” You literally outshine almost anyone I know when it comes to that, and that’s awesome.

(But what’s more awesome is your beard, haaa–I kid)

For, I really intend on putting that back up here in a while. It’s not up at the moment because I was dumb and didn’t get my finances in order. But, get this(!), will be back up here in a bit… because my finances are getting in order… from working at Hooters! And I swear to you this: Contributing value at Hooters is 99.999 million times better than “sarging,” lol. Getting paid to craft the most excellent meal (well, “excellent-looking, excellent-tasting… but not excellent-for-you” meals) while charging (extremely attractive, nice, cool) girls money for touching my butt is by far the most fantastic way to pay for the web domain and hosting fees… and improve my game lol.

(Seriously! No amount of sarging can ever replace what is happening right now with Hooters! It’s amazing how a simple agreement to work at Hooters can change life so dramatically.)

As for getting friends around me who aspire for total success in life… lol that’s a good question! Surrounding yourself with friends who aspire (or have attained) total success in life requires a daily a ritual of “detachment from non-success” and active association TO success. So, to answer your question, I DO have friends around me who aspire for total success, but they primarily consist of mentors from across the globe that I talk to… as I actively detach from everyone else–which helps me associate more to the people that I want to associate with.

Does that make sense? You can only actively associate with about five people (if that) at any given time… REALLY. So, in order to associate with the best people, you need make sure that you literally detach from the “sick” or “rotting” references in your life.

(The Most Wicked Testimonial For This Process… Right Here!: From continual use of this process, I now habitually (as a part of who I am):

* Meditate for an hour daily,
* Run for an hour and fifteen minutes daily (While “incanting” what I want in life),
* Add value at Hooters regularly (where I think I may have found the first girl who I would legitimately consider for a girl friend,)
* I now live on my own (!–well, I live with my brother),
* I blog regularly ( with my followers ever increasing and views ever-puming
* Aaand, my favorite, I read at least one book every three days,
* Etc., et f***ing cetera… lol.

And all of these are bit different from when we first hung out. Let me know if these inspire you! I’d like to hear about what’s up with you B-))

To answer your question for PUA It’s Official, in addition to appreciating your enthusiasm, appreciating your encouragement, getting the website back up in order, talking about Hooters, the people were actually brought in, and it’s basically been a much better alternative to the forum every since. In addition to the forum (as well as everything I talked about here), Paul Rothchild (lol, you might remember him as the negative nelly who converted hardcore to game… lol!) came from real life… where we then reconnected through, oddly enough.

For your question on starting a website and getting Telepathic Pickup off the ground… You need to IMMERSE YOURSELF IN STEADY GROWTH, WITHOUT FALTER. You must, for every single day over the period of a year (or 30 days minimum, lol) do something that scares the shit out of you. To start Telepathic Pickup, you need to immerse yourself in absolute growth as well as absolute (or really good) mastery of other people’s materials. Whenever you start Telepathic Pickup, Paul, you’ll have my unbridled support when you master Telepathic Pickup… Just please have the numbers on an Excel spreadsheet (as well as pictures and videos) that prove the effectiveness of what you do.

(I look forward to the chapter on suburban game–regardless of what you do–lol!)

For working on your game (in addition to appreciating what you have to say, getting websites off the ground, getting outstanding friends from across the globe, and immersing yourself daily in improvement), I highly recommend that you invest your energies, your centeredness, your enthusiasm toward applying at a Hooters or a Strip Club (I personally seek to transfer from Hooters to the strip club ASAP… because while I highly support the happiness that Hooters gives to its customers, I really dislike the health-detriment that the food we serve gives). If you can find something that will PAY YOU TO WORK ON YOUR GAME, then your life will skyrocket in terms of value. Working on your game while getting paid to surround yourself with the most beautiful women in your area… it makes sarging at a bar ludicrous (I can walk to ANY girl knowing that I’ll have literally 20 babes to go see the very next day, lol)

(A quick note, too, for working at a place where you can improve your game:

  1. The funny thing is that you HAVE to improve your game here. If you don’t, it could get you fired for being boring and creepy… or too “safe” for that matter
  2. I’m a very, VERY business-oriented person, so the thought of getting a job frightened me. But, when I got started, I really felt that I learned a ridiculous amount for when it comes to running a business, and being a business-oriented person, I really feel very grateful for the lessons I learned
  3. Girls complain all the time about how they’re single, how they’ve broken up with their boyfriends, etc. at this place–and these are literally the highest-quality, highest-possible girlfriend material that I’ve ever seen

So, yeah, I highly recommend taking the scary first step by applying for a strip club or a Hooters. Does that sound like something you’d do? I expect so, lol!)

Let me know if this helps! Writing things like this is very enjoyable for me, and even more enjoyable when they’re legitimately useful for you.

Thanks for the enthusiasm and “charge” that you’re always giving. It (you may not know this), has helped me when I had a really, really tough challenge to face.

Ciao for Now Bro

Aaron B. (The B is for “BRO”)


>o< _|m/ power.

I’ve never considered that work approach to upping game. -A super good idea. I am supremely happy for you about that haha, I can see it; You look great there! I feel similarly about a job job -sometimes I feel i could manage two or three, but I can make more efficient use of time. All about the leverage  And I know the situation is coming into rightness.

I remember hearing about how Napoleon Hill would meet an imaginary counsel every night and that would give him deep insights he credited his success in part to. Sometimes I imagine meeting and building deep friendships with certain people I look up to. Just this morning I had a strong notion I’d personally train with Owen from RSD.  I think.. “they’re all just people. out there.. living. real people. Somewhere jimmy Page is just living a normal life.”

*realized how a good day schedule is such top priority -and maintaining it, committing to habit. ‘Been feeling that urge to do the jogging incantations myself. I heard Tony Robbins talk about it, and you too! One of those things I spontaneously jump into and keep looking forward.
Just got my own word press last night! rawk! somethign been meaning to do also -a good place to start, lots of things can come from blogging!

definitely vibe with the routine

I appreciate your advice about the business, “IMMERSE YOURSELF IN STEADY GROWTH” I take this very seriously. That momentum is so important. When you say mastery of others’ materials -do you mean on pick-up, business and marketing things -or both? And the spreadsheet, something i imagine being very fun; is that just for my own reference and improvement? or something that can be shown? I assume people will see pictures and Videos.

I get visions of doing sweet videos. Taking shit so far -like we almost did with those last two girls of our triumphant sarge. “Treadmill Pull” Videotape crazy stuff like that, and bring it all the way to an f-close. hahahah and all the blow outs, those will almost be even better!

..Getting Paid to work in your passion. bliss. This is such a theme. Doing that seems to solve tons of things; It’s the way life is supposed to be! Also.. working in relation to your passion along the way. Looking forward to lots of lessons.

pretty much everything -in conclusion …fuck yes. power and love -amplified

Super happy about your hooters endeavors that is awesome


The imaginary counsel from Napoleon Hill is something that I do regularly! If you’re doing the imaginary counsel from Napoleon Hill, then you’re probably very well set in terms of behavior change. This is because the imaginary counsel works very broadly (and outstandingly) on the Unconscious level to automatically generate the behaviors–from your role models–that you desire.

As for your blog(!), I have an idea. The idea is that there’s the option for other people to submit blog posts for feedback to other people. If we keep on submitting our posts to each other–getting more and more feedback that we didn’t realize–maybe we can make some pretty phenomenal content that people can use.

Besides the imaginary counsel and blogging, the spreadsheets for Telepathic pickup are for both you (especially you, in fact) AND personal growth. If you keep a visual chart of your progress for pickup, business, etc., you’ll see yourself automatically making changes that will cause it to grow. The reason that you’ll make changes that will automatically cause it to grow, when you make a visual chart in Excel or G Docs, is because of quantum mechanics: “Observing changes the observed.”

What’s a Blog That I Would Like To Read?

A blog that’s exciting. A blog with shiny things and colors in it. A blog that promises an easy (and believable) fix to a serious problem that I’ve had for a long time.

A blog that makes dramatic change look dramatically easy.

A blog with boobs and alcohol and parties where the blogger hates himself for the way he’s treated all the women he slept with.

A blog with drugs, scandals, and war–detailing drug cartel strategies and plans at the risk of the blogger’s life.

A blog that makes a new connection in my brain that gives me the feeling of “Wow, this is definitely an awesome way to look at this.”

That’s what I’d like to read. What would you like to read? How can you write that?