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“Love the NLP stuff”

Loving the NLP stuff is just about the single most important step you can take when first starting a journey on personal development. But loving NLP stuff comes best when a routine is–advertently or inadvertently–done on you in a seminal, flavorful manner that you enjoy. When you get some dramatic change in your life via a fun process such as a parts integration, you’ll become almost addicted to NLP (if only for a short time, anyway).  And if you’ll get that short burst of addiction from loving NLP, even for a short period of time, your life will transform just enough for you to evolve to the next level.

Just know that when you get to the next level, you’ll need to add in (applied) knowledge from more than just NLP (i.e. the rest of psychology and neurology).

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Your Earballs Will Pop! Meta-Habit Fuckin’ Dos

Which sounds like a better method of breaking open the lock to a treasure chest (assuming you have a crowbar):

Scenario 1: Use the crowbar for 30 seconds–and then continue to pull the lock off by hand for the rest of time, OR…

Scenario 2: With the crowbar firmly in the open space and against the lock, with the treasure chest as the fulcrum, you continually press through on the crowbar until that lock fucking snaps.

That’s right, you’ll want to press on that crowbar for sure. Find out what you can use yon yourself for leverage to break the lock. The treasure of your greatness lies within.





What Is A “Meta-Habit”?

What is a “Meta-Habit”?

(Inspiration: The Four Habits That Form Habits)

Your Meta-Habit is your consistent, mechanical way on how you change (or don’t change) your habits. You use a Meta-Habit like you use a car to drive to where you want to go. And you either have a quality car that doesn’t break down, or you have a shitty, poorly maintained model (at the moment). Simple as that.