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The Easiest Way To Match & Mirror Someone–Guaranteed (NLP)

I’m going to build this post up soon (frankly, my attention has been at O* M* F***ing G**), but if you want to automatically mirror someone in ALL forms (recommended only for SOME of the time), then try this; ask:

“How (best) to [person’s name]?”

For example, suppose your name is Stevo and I want to model the fact that you relax your facial expression as you hold your hand up while breathing in a low and slow fashion. The first approach that an NLP-er or sales professional might take to connect with you is to consciously relax his facial expression while holding his hand up at times as he breathes in a low and slow fashion (typically doing each of these one at a time). OR, instead of modeling you consciously, he can choose the route that I accidentally discovered with my ex-friend Paul Rothchild: Make the person in to a process & convert it into a question, evaluation, mind-probe, whatever you want to call it… because your Unconscious Mind-Body does all the work for you.

Do determine the strength of this argument, I’ve done this a dozen times at least before I came to the conclusion that this was gold. Though it’s not always recommended, I simply recommend it if you need some starter wheels to really “rocket boost” your rapport skills.

Let me know if this helps! This was one of the best lessons that I’ve ever learned 🙂

Your Friend,