This Post Can Get You Laid In 24 Hours If You Use It Right.

Tony Robbins says your number one  priority in life is to manage your emotional state. Because, of course, this controls what behaviors you exhibit.

There are many ways you can change your emotion. You can jump up and down… or so sit. You can zoom in on bad things… or you can zoom out of bad things and onto good things. That said, My favorite method of all, is to ask directly for the emotional state I want to be in…and be in that state.

Feel yourself being swept away by life? No more. Ask yourself: “What’s the grateful state?” or “What’s the fun state?” and notice your body and behavior respond.

Jail-Prevention Money-Ascension Exercise:

Determine what state will deliver behaviors you want to display, and ask for this state within the next five minutes. If you don’t know what state you need to be in, gratitude is ALWAYS the default. It reframes every bad thing into something of value to you. No matter what the situation is, gratitude will help you 10 x more than you can probably imagine at this point. Fighting with your family?

I challenge you to prove that gratitude doesn’t immediately make things better.


Beer is best sipped not chugged. There’s a feeling of lightness and ‘febreeze’ ( for lack of a better term) in the upper-middle brain-part inside your skull.


If you want to make a change in your life, ask the following questions:

“What conditions must be met–or what has to be true–for this to be true by this time?”

Proceed to write a series of 10 action steps to meet these conditions.

Set an end time for when exactly, at what time and on what date by which you’ll complete these actions.

Know deeply, through questions, external stimuli (environment), or through just plain knowing that it’s far more painful not to complete each and every one of these actions at the times you committed than to just get it done.

No matter how scary… there is a logical, secure-ENOUGH path that will reach the conclusion and completion of these tasks.

Write down how you actually did it. This alone is worth the process of doing the task. It feels so great to have a list you can look at–in a state of presence, of course–and feel how much of a god-damn baller you are for having completed each of these tasks!


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