This Post Can Get You Laid In 24 Hours If You Use It Right.

Tony Robbins says your number one  priority in life is to manage your emotional state. Because, of course, this controls what behaviors you exhibit.

There are many ways you can change your emotion. You can jump up and down… or so sit. You can zoom in on bad things… or you can zoom out of bad things and onto good things. That said, My favorite method of all, is to ask directly for the emotional state I want to be in…and be in that state.

Feel yourself being swept away by life? No more. Ask yourself: “What’s the grateful state?” or “What’s the fun state?” and notice your body and behavior respond.

Jail-Prevention Money-Ascension Exercise:

Determine what state will deliver behaviors you want to display, and ask for this state within the next five minutes. If you don’t know what state you need to be in, gratitude is ALWAYS the default. It reframes every bad thing into something of value to you. No matter what the situation is, gratitude will help you 10 x more than you can probably imagine at this point. Fighting with your family?

I challenge you to prove that gratitude doesn’t immediately make things better.


Beer is best sipped not chugged. There’s a feeling of lightness and ‘febreeze’ ( for lack of a better term) in the upper-middle brain-part inside your skull.


If you want to make a change in your life, ask the following questions:

“What conditions must be met–or what has to be true–for this to be true by this time?”

Proceed to write a series of 10 action steps to meet these conditions.

Set an end time for when exactly, at what time and on what date by which you’ll complete these actions.

Know deeply, through questions, external stimuli (environment), or through just plain knowing that it’s far more painful not to complete each and every one of these actions at the times you committed than to just get it done.

No matter how scary… there is a logical, secure-ENOUGH path that will reach the conclusion and completion of these tasks.

Write down how you actually did it. This alone is worth the process of doing the task. It feels so great to have a list you can look at–in a state of presence, of course–and feel how much of a god-damn baller you are for having completed each of these tasks!


Befriending Sir Richard Branson Now — Day 1

Here’s the question that’plays on repeat via Audacity as I write this: “How best to make a deep-rooted, highest-valued friendship with Sir Richard Branson now?” This question has been answered (so far) as follows:

  • Develop friendships with those close to him (i.e. Joe Polish, Marie, Tony Robbins, etc.)
  • 80/20 my entire life, including
    • Habits
    • Love
    • Time
    • Sex
  • Make it more painful for him NOT to be my super friend
  • Become worth more than him
  • Work my ass off on (only) the highest priority work
  • Delegate the shit out of as much as I possibly can
  • Become extremely social-proofed with beautiful women (it works)
  • Do NOT suck up to him
  • Study him & find his flaws, fantasies, and weakness (as well as his strengths, hopes, aspirations–i.e. space)
  • Self-Made WEALTHย up theย ass (by Eben Pagan)
  • Highest Health NOW
    • Nutrition (Almost)
    • Work out (Got this)
    • Sleep/Rest/Meditate (Yes except for sleep)
    • Impressions (50% power on this one… have some negative influences still)
  • Deliver in-field proof of results with ANYTHING he or his associates teach
  • Again, become more valuable than him ๐Ÿ™‚

This is exactly what’s in my notebook so far–let me know if you have any suggestions OR if you have any applications of this material.

Converse in three days (or less)?

Your Homie ๐Ÿ™‚


How To Actually Meditate: Make An Hour Of Meditation Fun IMMEDIATELY–Guaranteed

This post may just save your meditative life. It may save your meditative life because it uses the tools that you’ve been using your entire life to create a more balanced, centered you.

Here’s how to make an hour of meditation fun immediately–guaranteed:

  1. Pull out a pen with a piece of paper or, preferably, your journal–title it “Centering” with the date
  2. Download Audacity if you haven’t–install it
  3. Open Audacity and click the red circle (record) and ask yourself–in an upward tonality–“How best to center my whole mind-body and best enjoy the process?” and then press the circle again
  4. Make sure you have a comfortable seat near by (consider placing a memory foam pillow on your seat as I do for comfort)
  5. Select the part with your recorded question, press “Shift + Space” (or just press shift and click on the “Loop” icon where the “Play” button used to be)–this will repeat the question on loop (your Unconscious Mind-Body HAS to take in these suggestions to process them–which makes it super easy for you to meditate)
  6. Open up your favorite Chrome browser and type in… but press TAB, not enter–type in “10min”
  7. (Press Ctrl + T for each one of these) Repeat Step 6 for “20min,” “30min,” “50min,” and “60min”
  8. Now, sit down comfortably as you turn off the screen and breathe deeply and evenly (here’s where the notebook comes in) and make a tally mark for every deep, even breath you complete
  9. Keep going and notice how you’re more centered and “balanced” than you ever were with your other form of meditation.

I’ve been doing meditation for many months now, and this process has by far benefited me more than anything else I’ve done mentally or spiritually, so I feel excited for the time when you gain the benefit that this has given me. This has both made meditation more fun AND more useful (in that I actually meditate and feel that “present state” for at least 60-75% of the time–versus the 25% that I used to feel).

If you’ll use this now, you’ll experience your whole quality of life deepen and your sense of “fullness” or fulfillment deepen–which is a very good feeling to experience.

Let me know if this helps!

Your Homie,



An old neighbor friend of mine played Word With Friends with me yesterday. Though I kicked his 9th grade ass (I happen to write and define new words a lot), we had an interesting conversation involving: school, psychology, hypnotherapy, intense trash talk (which surprised me because this little human only graduated into the ninth grade), suicide, deception, and homosexuality.

As it turns out, this old neighbor friend of mine revealed to me some pretty intense information about how the people who used to live at my old house found some journals that I couldn’t find before we left. And, in the end, these journals revealed some pretty graphic and intense secrets about a homosexual experience that I had had as a child–which obviously wasn’t intended.

Now, obviously I write this for you because it might as well be leaked by me that some of this shit DID happen–and I accept it. And as I accept it, I still can appreciate that just a little organization and stability (I left my parents’ house many times over the years while I was still in school–living with friends as well as in my car) would have changed all this in a heartbeat–like when I wrote it in a book or something.

Now, if you even think of me as “a homosexual,” I will heat up a red hot poker and shove it in your asshole IMMEDIATELY, like in the way that happened with American Horror Story, because I am more than just a single experience. Pride drips into my veins as if by an IV bag by even accepting this about myself, but what’s absolutely essential is that I keep an “Unlimited ID,” for example, I fucking love women.

Let’s just leave it at that.

Remember the hot ass poker, friend, because we are both infinite in every way imaginable–and labels only limit that.

Your Friend,


The Easiest Way To Match & Mirror Someone–Guaranteed (NLP)

I’m going to build this post up soon (frankly, my attention has been at O* M* F***ing G**), but if you want to automatically mirror someone in ALL forms (recommended only for SOME of the time), then try this; ask:

“How (best) to [person’s name]?”

For example, suppose your name is Stevo and I want to model the fact that you relax your facial expression as you hold your hand up while breathing in a low and slow fashion. The first approach that an NLP-er or sales professional might take to connect with you is to consciously relax his facial expression while holding his hand up at times as he breathes in a low and slow fashion (typically doing each of these one at a time). OR, instead of modeling you consciously, he can choose the route that I accidentally discovered with my ex-friend Paul Rothchild: Make the person in to a process & convert it into a question, evaluation, mind-probe, whatever you want to call it… because your Unconscious Mind-Body does all the work for you.

Do determine the strength of this argument, I’ve done this a dozen times at least before I came to the conclusion that this was gold. Though it’s not always recommended, I simply recommend it if you need some starter wheels to really “rocket boost” your rapport skills.

Let me know if this helps! This was one of the best lessons that I’ve ever learned ๐Ÿ™‚

Your Friend,


The Best Lesson I Have Ever Learned.

If you have jelly on one utensil and peanut butter on other utensil, lick the jelly first. Licking the jelly moistens your mouth and prevents the peanut butter from osmosis-ing your mouth dry.

Also, the first chapter in How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success by Frank Bettger is pretty cool, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Converse tomorrow, bro?

Your Friend,


Have you ever done the “Pimsleur Approach”?

Are you familiar with the Pimsleur approach to language learning? This dude at 73 years of age found the ideal way to memorize a language, and it has since allowed me to speak fluent Chinese and Spanish.

Perhaps you can create a program for Pickup Artists to help them learn the routines and gambits (I identify as a “Pickup Artist,” fyi). Or perhaps you can help people memorize standard magic tricks through the Pimsleur approach.

Whatever you do, it’d be excellent.