Your Personal Guarantee From Me

These ideas are not only great for getting my $1,000+ guarantee, they’re also great for enhancing your personal productivity to the nth degree:

  • Send me an e-mail with a specific plan for your realization of one of these visions
  • Include the first three major steps of the action plan as well as a deadline for its achievement
  • Post what you shared with me via e-mail on your Facebook profile OR…
  • Create 25 business cards with your plan and action steps and deadline printed on it WITH the deadline for its achievement
  • Go to and post a commitment where you must pay $150 to the most retarded charity possible if you “fail” to accomplish your tasks
  • Preferably call, but at minimum send an e-mail to your (3) greatest mentors possible saying that you will accomplish this by the said times

If you send me an e-mail that proves that you have done each item on this list (to the point where even a judge of the Supreme Court of America would say, “Yup, you definitely did this), then I will legally hold myself responsible for this material. Furthermore, I’ll up that one by saying that I will pay (an enemy of yours, your ex, whoever…) $1,000 (or whatever amount) if you fail to realize your vision. Again, though, this is ONLY if you accomplish the steps outlined above.


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