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Befriending Sir Richard Branson Now — Day 1

Here’s the question that’plays on repeat via Audacity as I write this: “How best to make a deep-rooted, highest-valued friendship with Sir Richard Branson now?” This question has been answered (so far) as follows:

  • Develop friendships with those close to him (i.e. Joe Polish, Marie, Tony Robbins, etc.)
  • 80/20 my entire life, including
    • Habits
    • Love
    • Time
    • Sex
  • Make it more painful for him NOT to be my super friend
  • Become worth more than him
  • Work my ass off on (only) the highest priority work
  • Delegate the shit out of as much as I possibly can
  • Become extremely social-proofed with beautiful women (it works)
  • Do NOT suck up to him
  • Study him & find his flaws, fantasies, and weakness (as well as his strengths, hopes, aspirations–i.e. space)
  • Self-Made WEALTH up the ass (by Eben Pagan)
  • Highest Health NOW
    • Nutrition (Almost)
    • Work out (Got this)
    • Sleep/Rest/Meditate (Yes except for sleep)
    • Impressions (50% power on this one… have some negative influences still)
  • Deliver in-field proof of results with ANYTHING he or his associates teach
  • Again, become more valuable than him 🙂

This is exactly what’s in my notebook so far–let me know if you have any suggestions OR if you have any applications of this material.

Converse in three days (or less)?

Your Homie 🙂