2 Revolutionary Ways To Kickstart Your Emotional Life

These are two ways to kick-start your emotional life like a sustainable nuclear explosion of awesomeness. The two ways to start your nuclear explosion are:

  1. If you have wet clothes in the washer, and you need warm, dry clothes FAST: Microwave them. Now, while there may be some fabrics that may melt or some shit if microwaved, I’ve had much success with microwaving freshly washed, cotton socks just before work (“THE MORE YOU KNOW :D”)
  2. If you’re feeling perpetually drowsy, then do as Tony Robbins says, and “Set a new standard!” With setting a new standard (especially with vitality/drowsiness-relife) comes the name Tony Robbins (always!), so if you haven’t visited an Unleash the Power Within seminar nor purchased his CD’s, then I highly recommend that you do, because he literally helps you condition yourself to be outstanding. If you listen to Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within seminar, you’ll be able to apply this suggestion IMMEDIATELY when I say,  ” make breathing deeply and evenly during 95% of waking moments” an absolute MUST.” If you don’t have Tony Robbins as a reference (specifically his Unleash the Power Within seminar), then you won’t have nearly the capability to apply this suggestion as you otherwise would, if you were to listen to his seminar.

If you’ll apply these two suggestions immediately to your everyday waking life (and your dreams?), you’ll experience a level of vitality and happiness like never before. If you apply these two suggestions and gain the vitality and happiness, then perhaps you’ll lose that 30 pounds of weight (or gain it if your looking to gain muscle). If you get the vitality, happiness, weight loss/gain, then perhaps you’ll treat your family, friends, or otherwise close reference group with more love, courage, and leadership… which COULD possibly maybe perhaps get you laid an approximate 300.435% more than you were originally… but I can’t be sure, lol 🙂

Let me know if this helps!




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