3-ish Awesome Metrics That Will Kick Your Ass For You


As promised, I will now share with you two metrics that will kick your ass for you–and these are now WELL-applied in my life. The reason why I promise you metrics is because when you consistently measure something, you have three forces working for you (kicking your ass, so to speak): You have the force of contrast (i.e. you can see the trend… you can see what a good day is or isn’t… you can see if what you’re doing is right–which is a tough but necessary pill to swallow); You have the force of quantum mechanics (“The mere act of observing changes the observed”); and You just plain get more of what you focus on (source: MIT). Now, with all these forces well-applied to my own life, and with all these forces applying to anyone who measures their metrics, it’s really necessary to take a creative look at things when it comes to what we measure.

(EDIT: Whenever you measure change, define your reference point. For reference point ideas, make sure that you have one in relation to the very start of your data (the very first point) and then make a table (with charts!) with change in relation to the immediately previous day, week, month, or year

DOUBLE EDIT: I’ve actually found that measuring changes in relation to the maximum that the base-metric has ever achieved is the most useful)

  1. For example, don’t (just) measure costs… measure “cost-REDUCTION.”
  2. For example, don’t just measure energy, measure “energy-INCREASE.”
  3. For example, don’t just measure results (i.e. through actual results or time spent), measure “results-INCREASE” (or decrease or results-increase or whatever)
  4. For example, don’t just measure your lays, measure your “lay-INCREASE” or “makeout-INCREASE”
  5. For example, don’t just measure your sleep, measure your “sleep-DECREASE” (in the case of people wanting to go polyphasic)
  6. For example, don’t just measure your speed, measure your “speed-INCREASE”

Each of these three factors are, of course, the metrics that were promised. And what’s interesting about these metrics–as I’m sure that you can feel–is that each of these has an energy contained within each of these metrics.  Because as soon as you use these promised metrics and actually focus on and sense the energy of these metrics as is applied to your life or business or “game”/love-life or physical health or physical fitness (note: there’s a difference, according to Tony Robbins and his many Ph.D-holding sources in Awaken the Giant Within), you’ll automatically create more and more and more change per your life, because we get what we focus on!

So, yeah, looking back on this about metrics and about the forces behind metrics, don’t just go for the obvious “matter” or “stuff” metric–go for the “Qi” or “Chi” metric… the metric that focuses on energy or change. If you regularly meditate or do Qi Gong or study/practice Buddhism, then you’ll recognize the power of applying these Qi-metrics over the Stuff-metrics. And by using your natural habits of meditation, Qi Gong, etc. to improve your business as you focus on these metrics, you’ll only make the world a better place (because so many people are focused on “stuff” when it’s the energy inside the stuff that they want).

Let me know if this makes sense, because this has made quantum shift (literally) when it comes to my business. And the reason the quantum shift is literal, is because “observing changes the observed.”


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