Warning: 27-Ish Ways To Unfuck Your Life

It’s only natural to create the highest value for a person… if you’re a god. So, why not become godlike and do exactly the opposite of what you want to do: Give away your highest value secrets?

  1. Use upward tonality ANYTIME you ask yourself a question–your mind registers over six times as much information (38% vs. 7%) comes from vocal qualities (i.e. pitch) than from literal words, and part of asking yourself a question comes from that rise in intonation. If you’ll ask yourself questions ONLY in upward-ending pitches, your Unconscious Mind-Body will thank you for it
  2. Check out these 5 Awesome Kitchen Cheats That Will Make Your Life Easier that will make your life easier
  3. Write down everything that captivates you from popular newspaper headlines… model them when writing your own blog headlines
  4. Do Ho’oponopono daily–you won’t believe the amount of emotional drain that’s going on between you and others… until you actually do this.
  5. Seriously, do the Ho’oponopono (i.e. “The Forgiveness Process” per NLP), and feel yourself freed from the tyranny of sickening relationships
  6. Do the Ho’oponopono, lol
  7. Relax your facial muscles 80% of the time in public–I’m a very expressive and smiley person, but if you ration out  your approval (i.e. through your expressions and body gestures), people will respect you and your praise infinitely more (note: the law of scarcity)
  8. Read great literature daily
  9. Study Photoreading, believe that you can do it, and then study Qi-gong and hypnotherapy to further enhance your studies (if you can put yourself in a trance–or much less believe for yourself that you can be tranced, your odds of successfully absorbing the material)
  10. Set the definition for success with everything you do, and then be flexible in all that you do
  11. Diversify your portfolio for self-esteem (“I really, really dislike failure” Tim Ferriss)–i.e. whenever you go out, don’t just go out to get laid make out with a girl, etc.–go out to experience a particular type of drink, to ride the bull, to take three funny pictures, to explore a part of town that you’ve never seen before–your self-worth will love you for it.
  12. Read/listen to/watch all things Timothy Ferriss, and read/listen to/watch anything referred to by Timothy Ferriss
  13. Challenge yourself to challenging material
  14. “Do one  thing a day that scares you” Eleanor Roosevelt (I got this quote from Timothy Ferriss)
  15. Look at the ratio
  16. Consider logistics in what you do
  17. Obey The 48 Laws of Power in addition to the laws of What Would Google Do?
  18. Do a Venn Diagram each day
  19. 80/20 every. single. part of your game (with sex, dating, business, career, organization, etc, what you 80/20)
  20. Learn to dance
  21. Know a martial art–you’ll gain massive confidence from knowing you’re prepared
  22. Even if you’re a positive person, look at as many things that could go wrong… never get taken by surprise (if possible)
  23. Poop more often–clear your colon (my friend, not me, does this and has lots to say. TMI alert: I’ll be getting an enema here soon)
  24. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Even if you’re “an employee” (Do this for business, personal work, dating, lol)
  25. DO THE HOUR OF POWER by Tony Robbins.
  26. DO THE HOUR OF POWER by Tony Robbins.
  27. DO THE HOUR OF POWER by Tony Robbins.

These are some of the most kick-ass ideas that I have. These ideas were generated by asking “What best are my greatest ideas” and then putting them up for here. If you enjoy the ideas generated here, let me know!

Ciao For Now,




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