Schedule Your Awesome Time: What To Do If You Feel Your “God-Mode” Waining

If you’ve just had an AWESOME day, be sure to do this!

  1. Make sure you recognize the impact of your awesomeness on the awesome day
  2. Recognize that it won’t last forever, and
  3. Set a timer for how long it’ll be until your next “Awesome Streak!” (Until research proves differently, 72 hours should do the trick!)

I’m currently experimenting with this right now, but when I set that timer, it tells me how it’s okay to behave suboptimally for a day or two (it’s my recharging period!”).

If you’re consciously aware of your “Recharging Period,” you’ll be more optimistic during that period than if you didn’t have that time. Because the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know, right?

So set your timers as soon as your feel your power waining! šŸ˜€

Only Yours,


Helpful Tip: Visualize achieving your goals using the Evernote technique for achieving goals to visualize success during your off times. Visualizing success is known to be as helpful as actually doing the thing you’reĀ visualizing, according to a study cited by Ā Dr. Maxwell Maltz inĀ Psycho-Cybernetics.Ā 

P.S. Unrelated quote:Ā “I will sniff your asshole until you feel uncomfortable.”


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