Becoming President of the United States of America

How best to become the President of The United States of America (in no particular order:
  • Become intimately familiar with the problems and needs of the world
  • Know the limitations and capabilities of the nation
  • Really develop an awareness of global politics
  • Enlist the help of the greatest minds alive
  • Maintain my reputation at all costs (“Cartesian Coordinate” this idea)
  • Really feel what it’s like to be each person
  • Master NLP and conversation and influence like no one else ever has
  • Create more value in more locations than anyone else ever could
  • Really master Photoreading
  • Develop a mastery over the law
  • Photoread all the stuff that’s going on
  • Observe a series of the best sources of governmental trends
  • Know what’s possible
  • Enlist the best advisors of the world
  • Recognize that people want me at all time
  • Really establish masterful suggestions at all time
  • Create the most powerful ideas at all times for others
  • Really master my ability of writing the best essays–Use all four coordinates when
    considering ideas for improving this paper (Develop 10 ways to develop myself as
    a person, and leverage the top way to improve myself for this)
  • Really develop my social game WELL in advance
  • Help Rico find his dream
  • Develop a track record of absolute success
  • Really master my ability in Krav Maga
  • Consider gay as an option
  • Perform incredible and powerful favors for the world’s most powerful people in the world WELL IN ADVANCE
  • Make a lot of money and become extremely successful while developing a reputation of “Serving the People”
How best not to become President of The United States of America when I’m 38 years old?
  • Stay in jail
  • Have any record whatsoever
  • Lose my identification
  • Hurt people
  • Offend powerful people

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