I Will Fuck The Horror Out Of You.

Warning: This post could make you at least $100.

What could you buy with $100?

Well, you could buy a Ford Fusion. You could rent a kick-ass apartment for a year. You could buy an iPad. You could buy a nice wardrobe.  And you could buy this all because, fifty years from now, your hundred dollars matured to  $28900.21 on account of your excellent investing skills (which averaged a net return of 12%.).

Assuming you market and sell effectively, if you can promise a man a cup of coffee with a beautiful woman for a small fee and a little time, he’ll probably buy what you have to offer. And even though current tools already promise this and more, nothing on the marketplace can provide the user the satisfaction of finding love through the following flavors :

  • Fear. Fear is a wonderful flavor of motivation (with much thanks to the success of the horror genre), so why not “pickup” in the context of horror. If you create a horror film, video game, or story where the user must follow your instructions to “pick the girl up” correctly… or suffer the consequences. And the consequences could be anything pulled from your favorite horror series. 
  • Ruthless. Your user is really the terminator. The idea with this is than an earpiece automatically guides the Unconscious mind to do exactly the right things at the right moments–all while in a state of self confidence. Note: I’ve worked on this for some time now, and it’s still one of my favorite ideas to date.
  • Dead. I’ve yet to see a true guide to picking up sexy goth girls. Brad P gives advice to men in his e-mail newsletter to go visit a goth club, but that’s it.

Hell, if you can make the game scary enough, there’s even the possibility that you’ll make approach anxiety miniscule in contrast that game you created. And if you can combine the second idea with the first one, too, maybe you could put voices in that say something like, “I’m going to rape you if you don’t kiss her right now.” A suggestion like that would have helped me–and many guys I know–many a time.

Now, I must ask, how does that $100 taste as you convert it to your favorite latte? Because that’s exactly what you can get if you make an idea on here work.


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