An Automatic Neti Pot

Okay, so I’m just starting out this blog at way too late of an hour, but I really needed to gain some momentum in this area. This idea is called an automatic neti-pot.

(Picture of Self w/ a Neti Pot) (Picture of Sketch of Ideas)

I’ve developed this idea off the basis that I’ve hassled with turning the water to the correct temp (two minutes), unscrewing the neti pot top, filling the plastic container to exactly 8oz, pouring the saline content in, and ensuring the salt dissolves in the water to balance the pH (otherwise the water BURNS your sinuses).

With this product, one simply fills the container to 8oz (or whatever) and checks that there’s enough saline in there to balance the solution. The initial product would retract and heat 8oz of water in a certain area of the water and mix the proper amount of saline solution and then dispense the saline solution into the neti pot for more immediate use.

Later products would allow automated sanitation (because I’ve hassled with soaping up and cleaning my neti pot after each use, an automatic cleansing solution would greatly alleviate some of the hassles of the neti pot). Options include: allow the user to stick key elements of a neti pot in a brushing/soaping aperture–manually soaping the product while automating the scrubbing; and create a fully automatic solution that brings down a scrubber/sponge/sprayer/infrared light to kill whatever bacteria might evolve from that which results from the user’s nasal cavity.

I know this represents an esoteric portion of the marketplace, but I believe this idea has some serious economic validity to it. Let’s bring this to the public and see what they think.

–  Draft out different ideas and models for the product
–  Research sanitation solutions–special light would work best
–  Potentially “rent” a 3D printer at a university
–  Look for neti pot distributors and solicit the idea
–  Search for electronic specialists and seek counsel with them for measuring and blending solutions as well as for heating certain products (I assume the product will require a thermometer connected to a computer chip that says “Heat up/Shut off”)

More on this later, but I just wanted to spread the word.


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